ROBOTIS DREAM II Level 4 Workbook-Useabot

ROBOTIS DREAM II Level 4 Workbook

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  • This is the student workbook for ROBOTIS DREAM II Level 4 Kit.
  • The book is composed of 12 chapters and 12 robots.
  • Level 4 teaches the principles of pulleys, other equipment, and programming. It also teaches you how to utilize all the robot peripherals.
  • This book is in ENGLISH. 


  1. Robots can play music
  2. Robots can clean
  3. Various devices in a robot
  4. Robots can feel
  5. Robots can detect objects
  6. Play music with robots
  7. Robots understand 0 and 1 only
  8. Lift and move objects with robots
  9. Changing the speed of rotating robots
  10. Robots can listen
  11. Play against the robot and win!
  12. Autonomous robots


[904-0042-201] ROBOTIS DREAM II Level 4 Workbook [EN]