BUTLERBOT W3 by Keenon Robotics
BUTLERBOT W3 by Keenon Robotics
BUTLERBOT W3 by Keenon Robotics
BUTLERBOT W3 by Keenon Robotics
BUTLERBOT W3 by Keenon Robotics
BUTLERBOT W3 by Keenon Robotics
BUTLERBOT W3 by Keenon Robotics
BUTLERBOT W3 by Keenon Robotics
BUTLERBOT W3 by Keenon Robotics

BUTLERBOT W3 by Keenon Robotics

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BT-210 Set


BT-410 Set

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This robot can take lifts and provide service for guests any time of the day or night, offering reliable and privacy-conscious delivery service.

Intelligent Robot Management Platform

The service status is always under control

From this KEENON Platform, users can obtain the digital trajectory of robot operation and IoT operation data at any time, truly realizing unmanned intelligent distribution.

    Enhance your customer journey experience

    From the moment guests step into your hotel to the moment they leave, Keenbot W3 offers customers a unique hotel journey experience with its friendly humanised design and sophisticated features. Leaving staff with more time to focus on customer needs (leading to higher levels of gratuity).

    Set yourself apart from the competition

    Keenbot W3 is ushering in the era of smart hotels, establishing your company as a sophisticated tech leader by combining cutting-edge technology with first-rate guest service.

    Reduce labour costs

    All our automated service robots are here to help you reduce your business labour cost, lower overtime and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Keenbot W3 can automatically determine the moving path, avoid people and obstacles, take the elevator, and make a phone call, performing all services without being accompanied, lowering hotel labour costs and improving operational efficiency.

    Enhance your serving capabilities

    Keenbot W3 offers a high capacity performance ventilation system to transport and store a wide range of items to offer your customers the best experience.

    Use autonomous mobile capabilities and increase your capacity to serve clients

    You can now operate multiple-robots with your mobile, allowing comfort and flexible delivery service to all your customers at a time.

    Keenbot W3 offers brand new autonomous features like its self-charging capabilities, its mobile operating and intelligent precise navigation system allows your business to operate more efficiently and offer a high standard service.

    Model Keenbot W3 Product Size (WxDxH) 450mm x 550mm x 1080mm Product Weight 48kg Number of Cabins 2/3/4 Load Capacity 20kg (10kg per layer) Minimum Passage Width 70cm Battery Life >9 hours Charging Time 5 hours Operating System Android (Interaction)

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