DINERBOT T6 by Keenon Robotics
DINERBOT T6 by Keenon Robotics
DINERBOT T6 by Keenon Robotics
DINERBOT T6 by Keenon Robotics

DINERBOT T6 by Keenon Robotics

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  • KEENON DINERBOT T6 uses the SLAM positioning mapping system which assists the robot to plan routes more intelligently and perform position more accurately.
  • During the mapping process, the robot can be set to automatically recharge at fixed points to ensure continuous operation.
  • Minimalist aesthetics with the lighter weight of 115 lbs and a slim body, it can run more flexibly throughout the restaurant.
  • Food delivery robots can improve service efficiency, reduce labor costs and create service characteristics for the restaurant industry. In Addition to serving meals in restaurants, this robot is versatile; it can be used to serve tea and water in offices, send and receive express deliveries, deliver takeaway food, and provide goods distribution services for the restaurant industry.
  • Android operating system with touch screen control panel capability.
  • Easy to use with an ultra-flexible speed limit function that can adjust its speed according to the slope of the ground, making it better at adapting to the environment.
  • Multi-point delivery mode allows the robot to deliver the meal to the guest's designated table up to 4 different tables in 1 order.
  • Cruising delivery mode is convenient for guests to take dishes off the tray area.
  • During an order the robot delivers the meal to the guest's designated table, after arriving at the table the robot will use an intelligent voice to communicate with the guest's that the meal has arrived. The guest will then remove their meal from their designated tray area and then confirm on the touch screen control panel that their order has been completed. This will then send the robot to the next table or return to the starting point. There is a set time that the guest's have to remove their meal from the designated area. Once the set time has passed and if the meal has not been removed, the robot will move on to the next table or return to the starting point.
  • Intelligent Voice - The flexibility of communicating with guests.

Intelligent Scheduling System

  • Through intelligent coordination of the self-developed communication system, AI distributed scheduling can be realized, which ensures multi-robot cooperation and continuous optimization of the loading capacity, and thus improves the overall distribution efficiency.

SLAM Positioning Mapping System

  • With the AI- based path system, the delivery robots plan routes more intelligently and perform positioning more accurately.

Minimalist Aesthetics

  • With the lighter weight of 115 lbs and a slim body, it can run more flexibly.
  • Product Size (W x D x H):  20.4” x 20.9” x 49.4".
  • Maximum Angle:  ≤ 5°.
  • Minimum Passage Width:  27.5”.
  • Battery Life:  12-15 Hours.
  • Number of Layers:  4.
  • Layer Size:  20.3” x 16.8” x 7.1”.
  • Product Weight:  115 lbs.
  • Maximum Speed:  1.2m/s.
  • Charging Time:  5 Hours.
  • Battery Capacity:  DC 48V 12Ah.
  • Load Capacity:  77 lbs (22 lbs per layer with top Layer 11 lbs).
  • Operating System:  Android.

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