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Sail-Yunji Technology. Customized modules for intelligent reception and various ushering services. In a complex environment, SAIL is able to provide reception and ushering services with its capability of moving and interacting with humans. Connected with elevators, turnstile, and central control system.
Intelligent Service Space,
Upgraded Smart Experience
  • Exhibition hall
  • Service hall
  • Bank
  • 4S shop
  • shopping mall & luxury store
  • Sales office
Dual-screen interaction,
Wonderful Visual & Audio Experience
  • Front and rear screens allow non-stop interaction

  • 6 built-in microphones collect voices to locate positions accurately

  • HD cameras on two sides capture images precisely

  • High and low-frequency speakers for a clearer voice

Note: screen module is not the standard version. Customization is available

Higher efficiency for customization & development
SDK Service Plug-in Mode, cloud API available
  • 18 functions to choose from, customized voice control available for online configurations

  • Over 80% UI custom setting, more choices, and variations

  • 50 parameters for flexible setting

  • 3 voice interaction modes

  • 1 mobile/PC user end, 1 system to remotely control task execution

  • 3 multi-sensor systems, comprehensive perception

  • 1 Q&A library supporting custom setting and easy input

  • 8 voices for selection to adapt diverse scenarios

Based on Yunji's Chassis Technology
More facilities connected, Flexible Movement around Obstacles
  • 6-wheel configuration

    Active suspension system, differential drive

  • Automatic navigation and obstacle-avoidance

    SLAM allows location-sharing among different robots, guaranteeing secure operation

  • Intelligent

    Connect with more facilities

  • Automatic return to charging-hub

    24/7 non-stop service

  • Height: 1465mm  
  • Diameter: 560mm
  • Front and rear cameras: 8 megapixels anti-backlight cameras
  • Max climbing angle: 8 degrees
  • Normal speed: 0.5-0.8m/s
  • Min passing width: 760mm
  • Voice recognition range: 3-5m (in theory)
  • Noise reduction: support hardware and software dual noise reduction
  • Executable actions: 360-degree rotation, forward, backward, move
  • Charging time/battery life: 6h/8-9h
  • Screen size: front 12.5”, rare 21.5”
  • Screen type: LED
  • Resolution: 1920 X 1080
  • Multi-touch: 10-point multi-touch screen
  • Software: configurable with backend platform/ open SDKs / plug-in development mode
  • Telecommunication: 4G / wifi2.4G / Bluetooth 4.0
  • CPU: quad-core, 4G running storage
Application in Multiple scenes, Customized Industrial Solutions



Efficient service and digital operation perfectly match manpower, materials, and information, helping data to promote growth and management.