About Useabot

Embark on a journey through the inspiring story of Useabot, where innovation and passion converge. It all began in 2019 when our visionary founder, Aaron Oesterreich, recognized the pressing need for a centralized platform to connect people with the robots they desired for personal and business use. Driven by his own quest to explore robotics, Aaron discovered a scarcity of companies bridging the gap between manufacturers and customers, spurring him to create something extraordinary.

In early 2019, Aaron initiated the development of a robot sales company that would not only offer a diverse range of robots but also provide comprehensive pre- and post-purchase support. Teaming up with a former colleague from Lyft, the project gained momentum, culminating in the official launch of Useabot in June 2020. While our esteemed co-founder, Katie Youtsos, departed in December 2022, her invaluable contributions during our early stages remain deeply appreciated.

The journey of Useabot accelerated with acceptance into prestigious accelerators such as gAlpha St. Thomas, Beta.MN, and New Chip, bolstering our confidence as we progress to the next phase of our evolution.
At Useabot, we forge strong partnerships with renowned robot manufacturers, each excelling in their respective domains. From ROBOTIS and Digital Dream Labs in EdTech to Yunji Technology and Keenon Robotics in service robots, we collaborate with industry leaders to bring cutting-edge solutions to our customers. Our portfolio also includes personal robots by Temi and MedTech advancements from Advanced Telemedicine Group, along with the innovative cleaning robots from SoftBank Robotics.

But what exactly does Useabot do? Since our establishment, we have become a pioneering platform, offering comprehensive information and resources about an extensive range of robots. As trusted distributors and retail partners, we not only educate but also seamlessly integrate robots into businesses, with a particular focus on the hospitality sector. Our team of skilled robot deployment specialists provides free consultations and unwavering post-sales support, ensuring a seamless and successful robot integration process for our customers.

Our mission extends beyond mere transactions. We aim to dispel misconceptions surrounding robots, highlighting their potential to augment human capabilities rather than replace jobs. By empowering business owners and individuals with accurate knowledge and personalized assistance, we enable informed decisions and embrace the transformative power of robots. Useabot serves as your gateway to confidently explore the fascinating world of robotics, providing convenience and peace of mind every step of the way.