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Programming Guide For ROBOTIS MINI (Paperback)

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The MINI™ programmable humanoid robotic kit was released by ROBOTIS® in 2014. It is recommended for users aged 12 or older and is available from many on-line shops. It comes with a free Mobile App called MINI that allows beginner users to control and operate the MINI through its pre-programmed motions such as bowing, walking, gymnastics and dancing moves. But so far, the potential use for this kit in educational robotics is largely untapped due to lack of information and practicum sources for users to develop their own projects and to help them learn more about humanoid robotics programming.

This book is designed to fill that void by using a unique approach of developing MINI projects using 2 main software tools:

1.ROBOTIS own software tools such as TASK, MOTION and R+m.PLAY700.

2.EDBOT™ software tool to allow the use of standard development environments such as SCRATCH and PYTHON.This approach allows MINI users to assess the capabilities and constraints of these tools in the development of their existing or potential project ideas.

The author strives to create a book that is useful to two main groups of users:Existing owners of the MINI kit who are ready to go beyond the features that the MINI Mobile App provides. Beginners in humanoid robotics who look for a firm foundation in robotics concepts and problem-solving techniques. This group includes self-learners as well as instructors who need a programming guide for the MINI that can be used for themselves as well as for their students, as detailed programming techniques are provided with the reasoning behind them.

Programming Guide for ROBOTIS MINI (Full Table of Contents) 

Programming Guide for ROBOTIS MINI (Excerpts)

For more information about source codes and tutorial videos, please visit Dr. Chi N. Thai's website: