ROBOTIS DREAM Ⅱ Level 2 Workbook-Useabot

ROBOTIS DREAM Ⅱ Level 2 Workbook

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Product Description

  • This is the student workbook for ROBOTIS DREAM II Level 2 Kit, as well as the ROBOTIS DREAM II School Set.
  • The book is composed of 12 chapters and 11 robots.
  • Level 2 teaches the basics about the structure of robots, IR sensors, and microphone sensors. It also teaches the principles of speed, elasticity, inertia, acceleration, and resultant force.
  • This book is in ENGLISH.

Table of Contents

  1. What is a robot?
  2. The energy that moves robots
  3. See objects through light reflection
  4. Sound spreads
  5. How fast am I?
  6. Conserving power?
  7. Rolling robots and walking robots
  8. Sudden stops
  9. When speed changes
  10. When force meets force
  11. Moves when the condition is met
  12. Imagine!

[904-0040-201] ROBOTIS DREAM Level 2 Workbook [EN]