ROBOTIS DREAM II Level 3 Workbook-Useabot

ROBOTIS DREAM II Level 3 Workbook

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  • This is the student workbook for ROBOTIS DREAM Level 3 Kit, as well as the ROBOTIS DREAM II School Set
  • The book is composed of 12 chapters and 11 robots.
  • Level 3 teaches the principles of pulleys, other equipment, and programming. It also teaches you how to utilize all the robot peripherals.
  • This book is in ENGLISH.


  1. Detect intrusions using infrared
  2. Detect sounds with robots
  3. Cars rolling with 2 wheels and 4 wheels
  4. Represent the robot's movement using coordinates
  5. Moving direction and speed changes
  6. Enter the passcode to open the safe
  7. Unable to move forward without friction
  8. Force of pushing and being pushed
  9. Airplane takes off
  10. Robot arm transports object
  11. Car moves with the engine's power
  12. Let's imagine!