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** This product has a 2 week lead time **


1-DOF Two-Finger Hand

Multi-functional robot hand with 2 fingers powered by 10W DC motor.


Adaptive Gripping Design

Passive Joints enable adaptive gripping for various shapes of objects.


Current Control (Force Control)

Torque control and current-based position control make it possible to pick up objects of various materials.


Light Weight & High Power

a 5kg high payload is delivered from a 500g light weighted robot hand.


Detachable Finger Tips

Detachable finger tips can be easily replaced with customized finger tips.


Intuitive and Simple Mounting

The robot band can be quickly mounted on a ROBOTIS Manipulator.

Simplified design enables easy mounting on custom applications.


Dynamixel 2.0 Protocol

The robot hand supports DYNAMIXEL 2.0 protocol for easy control.


Power and communication are connected via DYNAMIXEL BUS.

Package Components
RH-P12-RN 1 (Assembled Product)
FRP42-A110K 1
WB M3x8 20
Robot Cable-X4P 180mm 1
Robot Cable-X4P 180mm (Convertible) 1

MCU ST CORTEX-M4 (STM32F405 @ 168Mhz, 32bit)
Position Sensor Contactless Absolute Encoder (12bit, 360°)
Motor Coreless
Baud Rate 9,600 bps ~ 10.5Mbps
Control Algorythm PID Control
Degree of Precision 0.088°
Operating Mode Current Control Mode
Current based Position Control Mode
Weight 500g
Stroke 0-106mm
Gear Ratio 1181 : 1
Maximum Gripping Force 170N
Recommended Payload 5kg
Operating Temperature -5°C ~ 55°C
Nominal Voltage 24V
Command Signal Digital Packet
Protocol Type RS485 Asynchronous Serial Communication (8bit, 1stop, No Parity)
Physical Connection RS485 Multidrop BUS
ID 0 ~ 252
Feedback Position, Velocity, Current, Temperature, Input Voltage, etc
Material Full Metal Gear, Metal Body
Standby Current 30mA


Factory Default Settings
ID 1
Baud Rate 57600bps

Please make necessary modifications to ID, baud rate, etc. after purchase

Model Numbering


Unless otherwise noted, ROBOTIS warranties its products against defects for 1 year. Products that are not manufactured by ROBOTIS or are co-developed with ROBOTIS may not be covered under warranty.


- Unless otherwise noted, ROBOTIS battery products with Lithium-Polymer chemistry (LiPo) are warrantied for 6 months from the date of purchase. "Over-discharge, misuse, or incorrect charging practices may void this warranty."

- If you are not satisfied with your product, you may return it within 30 days of receipt for an exchange or refund. The product must be unopened and in its original packaging. The customer is responsible for return shipping charges.

- You will not qualify for a warranty or refund if there is normal wear & tear, abuse to the product, improper tampering, or accidental damage.
- Worn out gears, burnt motors and PCBs, and damaged cables are not covered under warranty.
- Modification of the Dynamixel Firmware to disable Error Status or Shutdown Alarms may also void our warranty.
- Please back up source codes and files in the product before requesting RMA. ROBOTIS is not responsible for any software and file loss in the product.