ROBOTIS DREAM II Level 1 Workbook [EN]-Useabot

ROBOTIS DREAM II Level 1 Workbook [EN]

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Product Description

  • This is the student workbook for ROBOTIS DREAM II Level 1 Kit, as well as for the ROBOTIS DREAM II School Set.
  • The book is composed of 12 chapters and 12 robots.
  • Level 1 introduces students to using DREAM parts. It advances into studying the principles and theories of electric power, center of gravity (COG), force, 4-legged and 2-legged walking robots, and much more.
  • This book is in ENGLISH.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to robotics
  2. Generate electricity with your hand!
  3. Rotating and pushing
  4. Changing speed
  5. What is center of gravity?
  6. Jump! Jump!
  7. Walking on four feet
  8. What is the advantage of walking on six legs?
  9. Waddling
  10. Different ways to move
  11. Angle of opening
  12. Walking on two feet

[904-0039-201] ROBOTIS DREAM II Level 1 Workbook [EN]